Who is your competition on SeaPort-e? How do you know?

This is the second in a series of articles on how to stand out from the crowd and make the most of the SeaPort-e contract, whether your company is a new awardee or a long-time prime that hasn’t used the vehicle to its maximum capacity.

608 SeaPort-e prime contractors were added yesterday, in what the Navy has said will be the last admission of new primes for this version of the contract. Some articles cited over 5,000 primes now on the contract, counting all firms added since 2005, rather than only those that remain.

We did better math and the total is much lower, with over 2,000 contractors off-ramping at some point during the Period of Performance. Companies off-ramp for many reasons, including failing to respond to bi-lateral mods sent by the contracting office, or not completing the self-assessment required of all firms in award term years. 

The real numbers are below. We encourage you to become familiar with the REAL competition in your Zones. We will teach you how to delve further into this analysis at our upcoming seminar: Task Order Success: Winning on the Navy's SeaPort-e and Federal ID/IQs.

Keep in mind, these figures don't add up to the total number of primes, as many firms are in more than one Zone and fall into multiple size statuses. 

Also important to note, this round had the lowest win-rate of any previous rolling admission. Only 89% of submissions won seats on the vehicle. Iona Moon clients were--as usual--overwhelmingly successful. 

This version of SeaPort-e will expire in 2019, but task orders may be awarded until then for up to five years, meaning work will continue into 2024. We hope to see you in July to help you make the most of your contract, whenever it was awarded.

Marketing your SeaPort-e Contract: Harness The Power of the Required H.11 Web Page

This is the first in a series of articles on how to stand out from the crowd and make the most of the SeaPort-e contract, whether your company is a new awardee or a long-time prime that hasn’t used the vehicle to its maximum capacity.

The material in these articles—and much more—will be explored in-depth in our upcoming seminar: Task Order Success: Winning On the Navy’s SeaPort-e and other Federal ID/IQs, July 19th and 20th, with more dates coming in 2016.

All SeaPort-e primes will off-ramp in 2019. That doesn’t mean work under the contract will stop. Task orders may be awarded for up to five years any time before the end of the period of performance for the ID/IQ. That means work under SeaPort-e will continue into 2024. It also means you have less than three years to identify, capture and win that work, to build your reputation with those customers, and to position your company for whatever acquisition plan the Department of Navy enacts to fill the coming gap.

Today I address the often-overlooked requirement of the H.11 clause. It may seem a boring topic, but it can be used to great effect with some creativity and marketing savvy. Of course, you must comply with the specific requirements of the clause, and provide a link to the contracting office within 10 days of an award to remain in compliance with your contract.

However, H.11 is much more than a compliance issue. It is a marketing opportunity you should fully exploit—most of your competition won’t.

When conducting market research, your customers’ first impression is often your H.11 webpage. It should deliver your value proposition with impact before an acquisition strategy is formalized. It should align with the look and feel of your web presence and invite visitors to explore beyond this first look to form a lasting positive impression.

Here are some of our top tips for using H.11 to its maximum advantage.

  1.  Assure it is in compliance with the clause and keep all information up-to-date
  2. Enlist your marketing and design team to reinforce your branding and foster visitor “engagement*”
  3. Use links, call-outs, and customer testimonials to emphasize your successes
  4. Add capabilities and team members as you grow: you are not limited to the functional areas you bid, highlight ALL your qualifications
  5. Use analytic software to track visits to the page and measure behavior and engagement—a high “bounce rate**” means you aren’t creating the interest vital to “engagement”
  6. Check the portal regularly and test the link to your page, especially when you make changes to your site

H.11 can provide other advantages over your competition. Those are covered in the “dirty tricks” segment of our June seminar.

Iona Moon provides a simple, compliant template to cover the basics. Use it and these tips as a launch pad to elevate your image among the ever-growing competitive pool of SeaPort-e, while you still have time.


*Online “engagement” is holding the attention of a visitor or inducing them to explore further.

**”Bounce rate” is the percentage of single-page visits or the number of visits in which a visitor leaves a website from the landing page without browsing any further.

Navy: Last chance for new primes on SeaPort-e

2016 will be final rolling admissions for this version of the contract

Dahlgren, VA, November 9, 2015– In a special announcement released Sunday on the SeaPort-e website, the Navy was brief and to the point. There are no plans to add new contractors to the current program after Rolling Admissions 2016. That solicitation is expected today, with proposals due to the Government on January 21, 2016. Awards are expected in June, 2016.

The notice reads:

Rolling Admission Special Notice:

This is a special notice to inform vendors that after this Rolling Admission period, there are no plans to add new vendors to the current SeaPort-e program.

At a recent NAVAIR Small Business Roundtable event in Lexington Park, Maryland, the SeaPort-e Contracting Officer presented possible scenarios for the future of SeaPort-e. The spectrum of options ranged from a follow-on program to a return to a decentralized contracting model for services. She invited feedback from industry and the Navy contracting community on these and other alternatives.

The contracting office did confirm existing primes will still be able to add team members at any time during their award term. 

Lee Griffo, President of Iona Moon said: “SeaPort-e was well-architected, but not optimally executed across Navy. We are optimistic the next iteration will address inconsistencies across commands and provide better guidance and training to vendors and the Government, while maintaining the commitment to small business utilization that has been its hallmark. There are still many opportunities between now and 2019 for prime contractors to win up-to five-year task orders, reaching well into 2024 on the current contract. I expect this to be a banner year for new primes.”

Dr. Jim Hiles, the original architect of the contract and Senior Associate with Iona Moon had this to say about the news. “SeaPort-e has been a huge success, in part because it has been as much about sensible, intuitive process and information transparency as it has been about a contract vehicle. Second generation transitions are difficult and the current multiple-award landscape is full of “flagship” contract suites that are a process mess in comparison. No doubt the time is now to take action, commit to a bid decision and get in the game on Seaport-e.”

Dr. Hiles is the author of “Winning with Past Performance: Strategies for Industry and Government,” and “Federal Contracting: 13 Steps to Increase Your CPARS Ratings.” He is working with Iona Moon to make available their combined expertise in the form of accessible educational resources and practical, effective processes to improve win performance for firms targeting the Federal sector.

Existing SeaPort-e Primes, Add Zones Now

Introducing ReadyWin™ for Zones: everything you need to fill the geographic gaps in your SeaPort-e pipeline. This may be your last chance to add Zones to your existing SeaPort-e contract. The Navy has announced this will be the last rolling admission for this version of the contract. 

If you don't have the Zone coverage you need, you could be leaving money on the table with expiring task orders over the next three years. TO's under SeaPort-e can be awarded for up-to five years. Work will continue well into 2024. Will you be competitive where your customers are?

Iona Moon has clients nationwide, and offers free matchmaking to all our ReadyWin customers. The time is now to maximize the reach of your SeaPort-e contract. ReadyWin  for Zones has everything you need:

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions (what the Government didn't tell you)
  • Zone Gap Worksheet (where your customers are and where you need to be)
  • Complete Subcontractor Data Calls, with instructions
  • Sample Teaming Agreements and NDAs
  • Access to our team member matchmaking database
  • Fully-formatted templates, including cover letter and mailing label
  • Unlimited email support

ReadyWin for Zones meets the high standards we set for all our products and client services. Let us help you increase your Navy and Marine Corps footprint on SeaPort-e. 

SeaPort-e Rolling Admission coming in November!

The Navy has announced the next SeaPort-e rolling admissions solicitation will be released November 2nd, with proposals due January 13, 2016. Awards will be made next June. Iona Moon has everything you need to win with ReadyWin for SeaPort-e. This year we have some additional availability to help firms with full service support as well. Contact us for details

Proposals are due in:

The synopsis is below.


The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, on behalf of the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Navy Virtual SYSCOM (partners NAVSUP, NAVAIR, SPAWAR and NAVFAC) along with other Navy activities and Marine Corps, is conducting a rolling admission per the terms and conditions of the SeaPort Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contracts.

The purpose of this rolling admission is to expand the contractor base by awarding additional Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) prime contracts. Existing Seaport-e prime contractors will also have the opportunity to expand their presence in other geographical zones to allow them to compete for Task Order awards in those zones and to voluntarily re-certify their size status. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541330 and the revenue size standard for Small Business is $38.5 Million.

The purpose of this rolling admission is to expand the contractor base by awarding additional Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) prime contracts. Existing Seaport-e prime contractors will also have the opportunity to expand their presence in other geographical zones to allow them to compete for Task Order awards in those zones and to voluntarily re-certify their size status. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541330 and the revenue size standard for Small Business is $38.5 Million.

The purpose of this rolling admission is to expand the contractor base by awarding additional Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) prime contracts. Existing Seaport-e prime contractors will also have the opportunity to expand their presence in other geographical zones to allow them to compete for Task Order awards in those zones and to voluntarily re-certify their size status. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541330 and the revenue size standard for Small Business is $38.5 Million.

SeaPort-e is the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management. Authorized ordering activities compete their service requirements amongst SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders. All task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e electronic platform.

Oral proposals will not be conducted. Awards will be made on initial offers without discussions. Please email questions concerning Rolling Admissions to seaport_epco@seaport.navy.mil.

The Government desires an increase in Small Business, HubZone, Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB); Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB); Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB); and 8(a) concerns. Businesses in these categories are encouraged to submit offers as primes.

Information concerning this rolling admission is available on the Seaport homepage at www.seaport.navy.mil. Copies of the previous Rolling Admission solicitation N00178-14-R-4000, the original Rolling Admission Industry Brief (dated November 2004), and questions and answers to the previous solicitations can currently be found on the homepage.

The solicitation number for this Rolling Admissions is N00178-16-R-4000. It is anticipated that a solicitation will be issued on 02 November 2015 with a response date of 13 January 2016. The target date for the Rolling Admission awards is June 2016. The Government reserves the right to change these dates. It is the potential offeror's responsibility to monitor the Seaport site for the release of solicitations, amendments, and supporting information

Celebrating 10 Years and SeaPort-e 2014!

Iona Moon is thrilled to be turning 10! We have some exciting news to share, including the announcement yesterday of the SeaPort-e Rolling Admission!  

Certainly late this year, but always welcome, the SeaPort-e RFP is slated to be released September 17th, with proposals due October 23th. We are expecting a lot of changes to this year's solicitation. We will have the page-by-page list of updates exclusively for our clients. 

This year we are also launching our ReadyWin™ product line with the inaugural ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e. This is the next evolution of the SeaPort-e Toolkit©--our best seller with over 350 SeaPort-e prime contract wins! 

More products, tools and resources will be coming in the months ahead under the ReadyWin™ brand, from your most-trusted resource in the industry.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to the next 10 years!

Lee Moon-Griffo, President 

MCSC SeaPort-e Industry Day Raises Questions

ACSS Briefing to Industry Falls Short of Attendee Expectations

Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) has shelved its in-house CEOss acquisition vehicle for services in favor of the Navy-wide SeaPort-e contract. Attendees of the industry day held June 18th in Quantico may have come away with more questions than answers about the impact of the change, and USMC’s plans for the transition.

Nearly 20% of the attendees (by show of hands) were not SeaPort-e prime contract holders. The announcement came on April 27th, just days before the proposal deadline for SeaPort-e Rolling Admission for 2012, locking out those vendors without contracts until at least Spring 2013.

Acquisition Center for Support Services (ACSS) director, Mr. Paul Ortiz, briefed the 100+ attendees on some of the changes they could expect. Key changes touched on include:

  • Task orders will be Firm-Fixed-Price
  • MCSC will adopt the SeaPort-e functional-area structure in place of the CEOss domain model
  • Solicitations will adhere to Navy guidance for formatting, and MCSC will utilize SeaPort-e templates
  • Base contract awards will be made by NAVSEA using their process
  • Task order award decisions will be made locally, by the ACSS staff
  • “Due diligence” will be incorporated into the task order Q&A process within the 30-day open period for solicitations
  • More emphasis will be placed on meeting small business participation goals
  • Engineering waiver determinations must be conducted for task orders with any engineering element

Still, a great deal was left unanswered, and it is evident this is unfamiliar territory for the command. ACSS is unable to forecast specific new or follow-on work that will be competed under SeaPort-e, though they cite historically annual CEOss figures of 1,600 task order actions, with a value of $450M.

Most concerning is the information left out of last week’s 1.5-hour brief, though Mr. Ortiz did say the communication plan for the transition is an internal document.  We can only hope more information is available to industry in the very near future.

There was no guidance provided for current prime and subcontractors that are not SeaPort-e participants; no mention of SeaPort-e‘s 51% work requirement for small business set-asides; and no discussion of the new prime contract awards expected next month.

Alarmingly, there was no nod to the impact on long-time CEOss primes who would be unable to re-compete for work they are currently performing, or the programs that will no longer have access to the expertise of these contractors. Perhaps MCSC does not view this as their problem.

SeaPort-e is an agile vehicle that can provide MCSC with efficient and powerful tools to meet their requirements. It is also a complex, peculiar and competitive contract. To make the most of it, both government and industry need to understand what it can and cannot do.

MCSC seems to be expecting a more robust suite of services than SeaPort-e delivers. For example, SeaPort-e can’t improve a poor requirements process, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the marriage of Marine Corps’ requirements and acquisition process has not always gone smoothly.

Another stumbling point is the plan to have the question and answer process in the SeaPort-e portal serve as due diligence within a 30-day open period of a solicitation. This is a recipe for protests. A material amendment to an RFP must include an extension to give fair opportunities to competitors.

The industry day did little to instill confidence MCSC is making a deliberate, planned move to SeaPort-e with enthusiastic support of the ACSS.  One thing is very clear:  this is the future to which MCSC is marching smartly and ACSS is tapped to lead the charge.

For SeaPort-e primes who have been locked out of the USMC’s services business due to the insular nature of CEOss, this major change opens new competitive opportunities. With Navy-wide emphasis on affordability, even long-time incumbents may be unseated with the right win approach. Current CEOss primes and subs no longer have a captive market and will have to up their game to stay competitive.

From an industry perspective, my advice is to stay better-informed than your customer, and that means getting your advice from the experts.

Did you attend the Industry Day? What are your unanswered questions about the change? Leave us your thoughts in a comment.

SeaPort-e 2013 is underway

The RFP for SeaPort-e Rolling Admissions was issued late yesterday with a surprising requirement for existing primes to re-apply during this round of competition. Companies that won a  SeaPort-e contract in years 2005 though 2008 will have to submit a new proposal by May 30th of this year if they wish to continue as prime contractors after 04 April, 2014. The government does not intend to exercise the next option period for contractors that do not re-apply. The requirements are not as cumbersome as an initial proposal offering, but there is still a lot of paperwork to complete and submit. Industry was expecting the next option-year evaluation in 2014, which usually requires only a one-page self-evaluation form. This abbreviated proposal package will take many firms by surprise and require additional planning and resources to comply with the May 30th deadline.

Iona Moon is continuing our service to firms wishing to submit for the first time and those needing to re-apply to keep their contracts. In addition to updating the best-selling SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit, we will be offering a "SeaPort-e Express" package for existing primes. That solution will be available early next week.

The pre-RFP version of the SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit is available now on our website at www.ionamoon.com. The 2013 update is free with that purchase.


Congratulations to 385 new SeaPort-e Primes!

The Navy yesterday added 385 new prime contractors to SeaPort-e, increasing the competitive pool of large and small businesses vying for task orders across 22 functional areas to 2,886.  Iona Moon assisted 45 winning firms with direct support and through our SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit. The full list of winning firms is available at the Navy's website. Recently, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), the United States Marine Corps’ largest command, announced it would exclusively use SeaPort-e to procure services in place of the in-house Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOss) contract it has used for the past 10 years.

MCSC’s move to SeaPort-e is a testament to the Navy’s commitment to this vehicle. The move is a double-edged sword for firms, however. In addition to bringing flexibility and consistency to USMC acquisition, it introduces a huge new aspect of competition where previously there was very little.  With this year’s awards, SeaPort-e has nearly 3,000 prime contractors. CEOss had only 37.

Iona Moon conducts a “Boot Camp” to train new and existing SeaPort-e contract holders on the process of winning task orders under the contract. This year’s event will be held in Quantico on July 31.

Get more information about SeaPort-e Boot Camp: Quantico here. 

Iona Moon and GCC team for SeaPort-e Boot Camp: Quantico

Win USMC Business on SeaPort-e! 

July 31, 2012 – Holiday Inn, Quantico

On April 27, 2012, the Commander of Marine Corps Systems Command issued a memo. MARCORSYSCOM is shelving the in-house CEOss contract vehicle for services acquisitions in favor of the Navy-wide SeaPort-e. Read the Commander's letter here.

This strategic move by USMC leadership will have far-reaching impact in industry. For SeaPort-e contract holders, it opens up new opportunities to do business with MARCORSYSCOM. Existing CEOss primes must prepare for increased competition. The entire market landscape of Quantico changed with this command decision.

Iona Moon, industry’s leading experts on SeaPort-e, has teamed with the powerhouse consulting firm of GCC Associates to bring you one intense day of training, tools, and perspective on the new reality of doing business at Quantico. Learn actionable methods to win USMC business on SeaPort-e and how to navigate the new landscape of MARCORSYSCOM from the experts.

View the agenda.

GCC president, Colonel Larry Groves, USMC (Ret.) will walk you through the missions, command structure and acquisition culture of Quantico. GCC provides a business umbrella for a wide variety of professional consultants, with strong emphasis on the defense industry in general, and the Marine Corps in particular.


Iona Moon president, Lee Moon will give you the competitive edge you need to win on the unique SeaPort-e vehicle, including a deep-dive into research tools that will change the way you find new opportunities. Iona Moon has helped over 300 companies win the SeaPort-e prime contract and SeaPort-e task orders.


Additionally get strategic-level vision from two legendary Marine Corps leaders in the morning and during your lunch.

Introductory Remarks

Brigadier General Edward R. Langston, Jr., USMC (Ret.) Vice President, American Systems

Luncheon Speaker

Lieutenant General Earl “Titan” Hailston, USMC (Ret.) CEO, Thomas Associates, Inc.

Read what attendees had to say about our last SeaPort-e Boot Camp.

Register today. Space is limited.

Imagine One wins PMA 275 Work

Congratulations to Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd!. The company announced Tuesday it has been awarded a $39.5M contract to provide training, financial, technical and management support services for the PMA275 Joint Program Office Training Integrated Product Team (IPT). Team Imagine One will apply its expertise of V-22 simulators, training devices and the V-22 Aircraft to enforce customer vision, goals, and objectives as it pertains to training Marine Corps and Air Force V-22 pilots, crew chiefs, flight engineers and maintainers. Team resources will also provide product reviews to include engineering, technical, budget, program management, and analysis tasking; and development of recommendations for technical, logistical and life cycle support for the Osprey V-22 Training System. Program Managers Steve Daczkowski and Neal Davidson will lead Team Imagine One which includes Camber, Valour, Sabre, CSC, and StraCon. Contract performance will run March 2012 through March 2017 with work performed mainly at Patuxent River, MD and other locations including Kirtland AFB, NM and MCAS New River, NC.  This work is under the PMA275 V-22 Joint Program Office.

The V-22 is a growing military asset for transporting U.S. troops and supplies. More than 145 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft are in operation today. Marine Corps V-22s are deployed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit for contingency operations, while Air Force Special Operations Command V-22s are deployed in support of National mission taskings. NAVAIR #2012-580 Photo courtesy U.S. Navy.

For more information, visit http://www.imagine-one.com/.

SeaPort-e 2012: What you need to know

The Navy announced March 26, 2011 a full and open rolling admission to add prime contractors to its SeaPort-e Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Proposals are due May 1 to the NAVSEA SeaPort-e contracting office in Dahlgren, VA. SeaPort-e is the Navy’s vehicle for technical services, with over $44 billion in task order awards since 2004. The synopsis encourages small business to apply for prime contractor positions, citing a 33% requirement in small business participation. The NAICS code for the procurement is 541330–one of the small business size standards recently changed in a much-debated recent ruling of the Small Business Administration. Companies previously considered Large Businesses will now be considered small under the ruling–which raised the size standard from $27 million to $35 million–making them eligible to compete for some mandated set-aside contracts. This change alters the competitive landscape of SeaPort-e and other Federal Contracts. Many other changes have been made to this year’s solicitation.

Our president, Lee Moon has tracked the requirement since its inception. “The solicitation has matured, I think. The contracting office has done a good job with this version. It looks as if they have incorporated feedback from previous years. We are excited about the 2012 Rolling Admission.

In 2011, 18% of SeaPort-e awardees used Iona Moon support. We look forward to another busy and rewarding RA season.”

Click here for help making your bid/no bid decision.

Click here to refresh a list of historical awards on SeaPort-e.

Click here when you are ready to get started!

In-house training dates available for May and June

In-house SeaPort-e Training

Did you know Iona Moon offers customized training for your team on all aspects of business development and competing SeaPort-e task orders? Exclusively for SeaPort-e primes, this intense on-site training will teach you to:

Expand your reach

Identify SeaPort-e opportunities before they are advertised

Evaluate bid announcements for real opportunities

Educate your customers about SeaPort-e

Leverage your SeaPort-e contract into new markets

Team shrewdly to increase geographic coverage and add capabilities

Laser-focus your bid and proposal process

Eliminate Bid/no-bid uncertainty with one tool

Visually map your capabilities to requirements

Identify and close gaps early

Manage compliance consistently and concentrate on your value proposition

Model your win potential against the competition

Focus highest-cost efforts on highest-probability outcomes

Win more task orders

Understand stakeholder agendas and write to hot-button issues

Hone your win-themes to dramatically increase “signal-to-noise” ratio

Craft a complete, compelling narrative that eliminates objectives

Avoid boilerplate text even at crunch time

Learn what high-performing Red Teams do better

Plus, choose two custom modules to optimize your training experience:

Your secret weapon

Training for your direct personnel to recognize and capture opportunities to grow organically with your best customers – your existing ones.

What are you missing?

Are you overlooking a key market? This directed brainstorming session with your top talent will discover and show you how to capitalize on hidden capabilities.

Intellectual repository inventory

Understanding reusable content. Determine what you have, what you lack, and how to keep it up-to-date and at-hand. It may not sound exciting, but this one exercise can save you hundreds of hours.

Focus your leadership vision

Articulate the long game and reality-check it against your management strategy.

Each session is one and one-half days in your spaces, and includes a license of the Iona Moon Proposal Framework© used in the training. Custom modules include a capabilities analysis and interviews about your specific objectives prior to the sessions.

We have spots left on the May and June 2012 calendar, with our President, Lee Moon instructing.

Special end-of-year pricing: $5,500 for up to 10 people.

Contact Iona Moon today to reserve your dates. 202-656-5394 or via e-mail at lee@ionamoon.com

The fine print: Pricing is for events booked and paid prior to December 15, 2011. All attendees must be from the same company. Rescheduling within 30 days of the event entails a $500 change fee. Alternate dates may not be available right away. Corporate materials must be submitted at least two-weeks prior to event. Iona Moon will sign your NDA.

42 Clients Win SeaPort-e Awards!

Congratulations to all the new prime contract holders, and a special "well done!" to the 42 Iona Moon clients who won using the SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit this year! The awards, released yesterday by the Navy, added 333 new prime contractors and increased the competitive pool of large and small businesses vying for task orders across 22 functional areas. The number of awards reflects recent Department of Defense cutbacks--a 40% decrease from 2010 totals. “We expected a decrease in submissions this year, based on the volume of inquiries to our offices,” said Lee Moon, Iona Moon president, “Our clients are mostly small businesses that must judiciously manage resources. We are pleased to help them improve their competitive position and realize growth objectives even amid defense spending cuts.”

SeaPort-e is a $5.6 billion-dollar-per-year multiple award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (MAC IDIQ) contract vehicle for Navy and Marine Corps services. The full list of awarded companies is available at the Defense Department’s news website.

Iona Moon has won SeaPort-e prime contract awards for over 150 companies since 2005.

For more information, visit www.ionamoon.com, or call Lee Moon at 202-642-3334.

SeaPort-e Boot Camp a Success!

The February SeaPort-e Boot Camp was a huge hit with attendees. The comments were overwhelmingly positive, and the number-one request was for MORE training on each topic. We heard you, and registration will be open soon for our next event. We have expanded and enhanced the training to better address your individual needs.

Some comments from attendees of the February session:

"World class skills. Genuine experts who transferred their knowledge effectively." "Exceeded my expectations. Very informative, well-prepared, and held my attention. Great tips.” "Would recommend this course 1000%" “Appreciated hearing the real ‘scoop’ and tactics for bid/no-bid, price-to-win, and market/competitive research." “Lots I didn’t know about how to use the [SeaPort-e] portal!” "Great information, succinctly presented. Great insight.” “A lot of material covered in a very short period.” “Relevant not only to SeaPort-e.” “First time hearing nearly all the information.” "There was no frivolous info."

[nggallery id=5]

Some pictures from the February event.

Please Join Our Newsletter to get information about upcoming training events.

Should you bid SeaPort-e Rolling Admissions?

If you are a small business struggling with the bid/no-bid decision for Navy's SeaPort-e 2013 Rolling Admissions, the following tool should make the process more straight-forward.

Because SeaPort-e is a mandatory contract vehicle for some services, the decisions are based on the types of services you provide, the customers you want to target, and your capabilities to prime.

Again, this tool is for SMALL BUSINESSES.

First, you will need to review the 22 functional areas here. (The page will open in a new window. Leave the window open for reference.)

Next, determine the geographical Zone(s) in which your target customers are located.

zone map
zone map

Make your bid/no-bid decision by Zone, for each Zone of interest, using the following decision points. There are only a few questions, but they may require research and planning to answer adequately. (Click the graphic to download the .pdf version of the tool.)

bid no-bid
bid no-bid

If after carefully considering each decision point, you have determined you should bid the next rolling admissions as a prime, your next steps are here.

If you determined you should team up as a sub, you can find a list of potential team-mates here.

I hope you have found this bid/no-bid decision tool helpful.

As always, best of luck!

Countdown to Rolling Admission, 2011

Updated December 06, 2010 Are you ready to obtain your Seaport-e prime contract and start competing to provide services to the Navy and Marine Corps? Rolling Admissions is slated to open in April 2011. You should be planning your response now.

Over the next few months, among other subjects, we will address SeaPort-e preparation issues here, in articles about strategic teaming, zone coverage, performance-based contracting, and lessons-learned in previous competitions. Please use the link in the side-bar to subscribe to this blog to be updated when new articles are published.

By planning ahead, you can avoid all of the pitfalls related to a hurried submission once the RFP is published and a deadline is on the horizon. Additionally, you can gain a significant competitive advantage by establishing your teaming relationships, assuring appropriate zone coverage, and identifying the functional areas you will address in your offering ahead of the rolling admission period.

Most importantly, you can save crucial business development resources by preparing the bulk of your response ahead of time. The details of the SeaPort-e RFP have remained largely unchanged since its inception. With existing documentation and the previous RFPs, your firm can develop your proposal to at least 75% completion, with only minor compliance edits to make when the RFP is published.

Winning a Seaport-e prime contract award is the first step in establishing your firm as a service provider directly to Navy and other eligible DoD customers. More and more, service acquisitions are being migrated to SeaPort-e, and in fact, it is mandatory for some types of services.

At a recent small business event, the NAVAIR Office of Small Business Programs emphasized: “If you don’t have a SeaPort-e prime contract, plan to get one in the next rolling admission.”

Do you know what the demand will be on your business development resources when the next rolling admission period opens? Do you know what opportunities you will be chasing, and what phase of capture they will be in? By staging your proposal submission early, you can make sure your firm is not caught in a crunch as the deadline approaches, and free your internal resources to focus on other urgent, and possibly unpredictable, demands when time is of the essence.

Preparing your  proposal early is a wise strategic move for your company if you plan to compete for Navy work in the future.  Reading the previous RFPs, available briefs, and related articles now will familiarize you with the language, structure, purpose and mission of SeaPort-e.  You can begin to think about the ways in which you will market your company, and the area on which you will focus your response to increase the likelihood of receiving an award.

The process of gathering your past performance and workforce qualifications, formulating your win strategy, cultivating and finalizing teaming agreements and drafting your quality and management plans is an excellent exercise in coalescing your corporate story.

The resulting proposal will not only be an exceptionally well-prepared  submission, but can serve as the backbone of your corporate documentation, extensible to other proposals, marketing materials, business plans, and even valuation justification for capital attraction.

Iona Moon has won the SeaPort-e vehicle many times over for our clients and has compiled valuable lessons-learned during every competition. Each rolling admission period, the demand for our services has increased, until 2008 when we reached capacity within days of the release of the RFP. We were simply unable to help all the firms who contacted us.

To help meet demand, Iona Moon published the “SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit©”, which quickly became a “best seller” on the website, enabling all the firms who used it to win their SeaPort-e award. The toolkit includes all appropriately-formatted templates, writing guides, cost proposal workbooks, line-by-line guides to fill-ins, step-by-step instructions, reference material, and up to one hour of phone consultation.

“The toolkit was amazing and made a murky process crystal clear. We would not have been successful without it. Thank you!” – a successful bidder

“Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We won!” – a happy client

For firms who want to get started early, the toolkit is available and now includes valuable planning data to facilitate your process. The current version is up to date as of the last rolling admission. When the 2011 admission is conducted, the Toolkit will be updated for all compliance issues and any other changes, and the update provided free to those who have purchased a previous version. The updated version will be available for purchase after the RFP is published.

Iona Moon is currently in workforce planning to accommodate as many firms as possible for complete proposal preparation support for RA 2011. We anticipant reaching capacity well before the RFP hits the street. If you are interested in having Iona Moon prepare your proposal, now is the time to engage.  We can help you with teaming, zone coverage, and all aspects of your response.

However you plan to prepare your proposal, using our full-service option, with our tools, or going it alone -- I hope this has encouraged you to begin your planning process now, and to put SeaPort-e into your strategic plan for increasing your Navy business.

Best of luck!