ReadyWin™ - NxG V2 - Last Minute Edition

SeaPort-NxG Next Generation
SeaPort-NxG Next Generation

ReadyWin™ - NxG V2 - Last Minute Edition

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Procrastinators rejoice! You saved $250 by waiting until the last minute!

Fully updated to the June 18, 2018 amendment and the June 20, 2018 announcement, with even easier-to-follow instructions! ReadyWin™ - NxG Last Minute Edition includes everything you need to prepare your SeaPort-NxG response rapidly, but because we are unable to offer unlimited support at this late date we can offer the full product at a much-reduced price. ReadyWin™ - NxG is so detailed and thorough we have had very few support requests this year.

Not to worry. We have your back. Over 550 firms have won the SeaPort-e base contract and task orders with the help of our tools and expertise. No other firm comes close to our record of success. Read what some of our clients have to say.

ReadyWin™ - NxG, Last Minute Edition is available now for immediate download. It is with you every step of the way. We have unraveled the RFP word-salad, stated the requirements in easy-to-understand language, and provided guidance for every element of your response.

ReadyWin™ - NxG, Last Minute Edition removes the guesswork from your process and saves you valuable time. Fully-compliant templates—with detailed instructions for each—make quick work of your winning submission.

We estimate you will spend fewer than ten hours producing a complete, compliant and WINNING response.

Included in ReadyWin™ - NxG, Last Minute Edition:

  • Full A-to-Z instructions in plain language

  • Instructions for essential tasks you MUST complete before you submit

  • Quick links to valuable resources, regulations, and instructions

  • Fully-formatted “fill in the blank” templates for every proposal component

  • Priority notification of changes to the RFP

  • All RFP documents, including Q&A and all amendments

  • Checklist to validate your proposal before you submit

  • Tips and tricks for the entire process

IMPORTANT! New this year: The prime must have past performance as a Prime or a Subcontractor providing direct support to the Navy (including USMC) to be eligible for an award. Please read the most current Q&A for more details and visit the opportunity page at FBO.  There will be no refunds for those ineligible due to this requirement—however, you will receive the updated NxG product for the first on-ramp at no charge.

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We look forward to helping you WIN SeaPort-NxG. We also provide task order support.