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SeaPort-NxG Questions and Answers

 14 February 2018

 Q1.          Will SeaPort-NxG be announced through SeaPort or FedBizOpps (FBO)? Will you please add a note to SeaPort regarding your intentions? What is the solicitation number?

A1.          All SeaPort-NxG notices and information will be posted on FBO under Solicitation Number N00178-18-R-7000. The notes on the public SeaPort web page (www.seaport.navy.mil) and on the SeaPort-e landing page have been updated.

Q2.          What is the latest schedule for SeaPort-NxG? When will the draft Request for Proposals (RFP) be released? When will the formal RFP be released? When does the Government expect to make an award?

A2.          The notional schedule is as follows:

Synopsis – Released 14 Feb 2018

Post Draft RFP to FBO – Second Quarter Fiscal Year (FY) 2018

Post Formal RFP to FBO – Third Quarter FY 2018

Proposals Due – Third Quarter FY 2018

Awards Made – First Quarter FY 2019

Q3.          What is the structure of the SeaPort-NxG contract?

A3.          Each SeaPort-NxG Multiple Award Contract (MAC) will have a base ordering period of five years, with an option for an additional five year ordering period.

Q4.          How will SeaPort-NxG MACs be awarded?

A4.          SeaPort-NxG MACs will be awarded based on full and open competition to all qualified offerors. 

Q5.          Will the Government hold an Industry Day?

A5.          No in-person Industry Days are currently planned. The Government will post Industry Day-like presentations and a draft RFP to FBO. The Government intends to allow sufficient time for industry feedback prior to issuing the formal RFP. If at a later date, an in-person Industry Day or any other “road show” event is scheduled, the Government will post an advance notification of the event on FBO. Questions may be sent by email to seaportnextgen.fct@navy.mil. Responses will be provided periodically on FBO.

Q6.          Will the Government post the SeaPort-NxG presentations that were given at Navy Gold Coast in August 2017, Charleston Defense Contractor Association (“CDCA”) Conference in December 2017, and Professional Services Council (“PSC”) meeting in January 2018?

A6.          Yes, the CDCA presentation will be posted on FBO. The CDCA presentation was updated from the Navy Gold Coast presentation; therefore, the Navy Gold Coast presentation has not been uploaded. Additionally, the PSC presentation has not been uploaded because it is merely a subset of the CDCA presentation. Please note that the notional timeline of events (slide 16) of the CDCA presentation is continually being updated. For the Government’s most up to date estimate of the SeaPort-NxG schedule, see A2.

Q7.          What kind of experience is necessary in order to be qualified to be awarded a SeaPort-NxG MAC? What other criteria are required?

A7.          A single company (not a joint venture) must have, within the past five years, experience “in direct support of the Navy.” This experience can be either as a prime or as a subcontractor. Experience in support of the Department of Defense, Fourth Estate, Missile Defense Agency, Coast Guard, non-Navy military departments, or other federal agencies is not sufficient. The experience must be related to one of the twenty-three functional areas covered by SeaPort-NxG. In addition, the company must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM), owe no federal taxes, not be debarred or suspended, and if a large business, submit a compliant small business subcontracting plan.

Q8.          How many past performance references will be required?

A8.          Past performance is not being evaluated for award of the SeaPort-NxG MACs.  There is no requirement to submit past performance references.  Offerors will provide information, i.e., contract number/subcontract agreement, describing their experience related to one of the twenty-three functional areas, either as a prime or as a subcontractor.

Q9.          If the contracting activity issuing the contract is not Navy, but the effort performed was in support of the Navy, will that experience count?

A9.          If the scope of work clearly shows that the effort was in direct support of the Navy the experience would count.  For example, a contract issued by Aegis BMD, part of the Missile Defense Agency, would be accepted where the effort contracted is clearly in direct support of the Navy.  The issuing activity is not criteria, the scope of work is. 

Q10.      Is there a required length of time for the experience to count? For example, would experience working on a Navy simplified acquisition that only lasted a month count?

A10.      The length of experience doesn’t matter, as long as it was within the past five years, in direct support of the Navy, and related to one of the twenty-three functional areas covered by SeaPort-NxG.

Q11.      What if a company holds a SeaPort-e MAC? Does that count as experience?

A11.      Simply holding a SeaPort-e MAC is not sufficient. The company would have had to actually perform work under the MAC, i.e., been awarded a task order under the SeaPort-e MAC.

Q12.      What if my team member has the experience but I do not - can I still get a MAC?

A12.      No. In that situation, your team member would be eligible, but you would not.

Q13.      If my company is a subcontractor under SeaPort-NxG, will that experience be sufficient to qualify as a prime under SeaPort-NxG at a later date? Will there be any on-ramps?

A13.      Yes, if your company actually performs work as a subcontractor to a prime SeaPort-NxG MAC holder under a SeaPort-NxG task order, you will have gained the requisite experience in order to qualify as a prime yourself. See A29 for information on on-ramps.

Q14.      If my company has no experience in direct support of the Navy in the twenty-three functional areas, does that mean my company can never qualify to hold a SeaPort-NxG MAC?

A14.      No.  See A13.

Q15.      Can a company and its subsidiary or sister organization each have a MAC?

A15.      No, there will only be one MAC per corporate entity.

Q16.      Can joint ventures receive a MAC?

A16.      No, proposals submitted by joint ventures will not be considered for award.

Q17.      Would the experience of key employees satisfy the experience requirement?

A17.      No. Experience of employees will not qualify a company for award if the company has no experience in direct support of the Navy within the past five years related to one of the twenty-three functional areas covered by SeaPort-NxG.

Q18.      Should offerors identify their proposed team members in their proposals for SeaPort-NxG?

A18.      Yes, offerors should identify their proposed team members so that they and their team members can receive access to the SeaPort-NxG portal once award is made. Otherwise, primes would have to request the SeaPort-NxG MAC Contracting Officer to add their team members post-award, which may take some time due to the Contracting Officer’s workload.

Q19.      Will there be a Cost Accounting Standard (CAS) compliancy requirement as part of the RFP? Can an offeror receive a SeaPort-NxG MAC without having CAS compliance?

A19.      Yes, an offeror can receive a SeaPort-NxG MAC without having CAS compliance, but would not be eligible to be awarded a cost type task order without it. The applicable FAR clauses will be included in the RFP.  After award of the SeaPort-NxG MACs, a message will be sent out via the portal providing contact information to assist in facilitating a pre-award accounting system review.

Any MAC holder that does not currently have an approved DCAA  Pre-Award Accounting System Audit but is intending to propose on flexibly priced task orders (any type other than Firm-Fixed Price without Progress Payments), or has a prior audit older than five years with no other contact with DCAA since that audit, or who’s accounting system has changed since their last DCAA audit will want to take advantage of the offered assistance in facilitating a pre-award accounting system review.,

Q20.      What dollar size threshold are you using to evaluate 8(a) companies for an award on the MAC (as 541330 is a $15,000,000 North American Industry Classification System (“NAICS”) but has multiple exceptions)?

A20.      NAICS 541330 utilizing the exception for marine engineering and naval architecture - average annual receipts - $38.5M.

Q21.      We are a VOSB looking to participate in SeaPort-NxG. Is it possible to increase the revenue threshold to $50,000,000 for NAICS 541330?

A21.      No.  Refer to A20.

Q22.      Is the SeaPort-e contracting vehicle open to non-Department of the Navy activities (such as the Defense Information Systems Agency)? Will the SeaPort-NxG vehicle be open to non-Department of the Navy activities?

A22.      No, SeaPort-e is only open to Department of the Navy activities. SeaPort-NxG will also only be open to Department of the Navy activities except Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and its field activities.  NAVAIR has opted out of SeaPort-NxG and will pursue different business models to best meet their needs.  If at some point in the future, it is determined that NAVAIR would like to utilize the SeaPort-NxG vehicle, the inclusion will be advertised and admission process will be held in order for their vendor base to compete for SeaPort-NxG MACs.

Q23.      We are a current SeaPort-e prime contractor in two particular zones. We have not proposed on any RFQ to date, typically because the RFQs/ opportunities for which we were qualified were outside our two zones. Since one of the Navy’s stated goals for moving to SeaPort-NxG is to essentially get rid of firms that do not propose on RFQs, is it really worth our while to propose on SeaPort-NxG, or will our proposal be dead on arrival since we have never proposed in the past? A candid reply is appreciated.

A23.      The Navy’s main goal for SeaPort-NxG is for rigorous competition under the MACs. The Navy desires firms to participate. There is also an administrative burden associated with the oversight of MACs held by firms who do not participate. One element of the decision to award the option for the additional five year ordering period will be the extent of a company’s participation during the first five years. Companies that never submit proposals will most likely be off-ramped at the five year mark. Consideration for award is discussed in A7. All awardees will receive all zones.

Q24.      We understand that the existing SeaPort-e MACs will be extended through December 2019. Does the government have a timeline for when that extension will take place? Has the government determined the surrounding criteria and by what method this will occur (unilateral modification), etc.? Is there an established notational timeline for events leading up to SeaPort-NxG RFP release? Should the government use a “brown-out period” for completion to establish transition from SeaPort-e to SeaPort-NxG, and if so, has it been determined how long that period will be?

A24.      The unilateral modifications extending the SeaPort-e MACs are complete.  For information relating to the SeaPort-NxG RFP release, refer to A2. There will be a period that has been referred to as a “brown out period” where certain solicitations that normally would have been issued under the SeaPort-e MACs will be issued outside of SeaPort-e because the SeaPort-NxG MACs are not awarded yet. There is no definition of how long that period is or how many procurements may be conducted during the period. The Government is, however, trying to minimize the length of time between the award of SeaPort-NxG MACs and the expiration of the SeaPort-e MACs. It is recommended that you contact the specific Contracting Officers at each activity for more information on specific procurements and where they will be advertised.

Q25.      Will product manufacturers be awarded SeaPort-NxG MACs?

A25.      SeaPort-NxG is a vehicle for the procurement of services and does not allow for the direct procurement of supplies/hardware. Any and all material or products ordered under SeaPort-NxG shall be in direct support of performed services, i.e., small scale testing equipment, prototypes, or spares for direct performance of services.

Q26.      Where can I find information, training, and guides for SeaPort-NxG?

A26.      When the SeaPort-NxG MACs are awarded, information for awardees related to operation of the SeaPort-NxG platform will be available on SeaPort-NxG for those companies and their registered team members.

Q27.      There is a technical issue on your website - the link for the SeaPort-e contract holders list is not working; and neither is the link in the "contact us" teaming question (see http://www.seaport.navy.mil/Home/Partners/). A list of all SeaPort-e prime contract holders would be greatly appreciated.

A27.      Due to security requirements, we cannot provide a listing of SeaPort-e contract holders, therefore the links on the website were disabled.

Q28.      Will Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) be required at the MAC IDIQ level?

A28.      No. There are no CMMI/ISO requirements at the MAC level; however, once the MACs are awarded, solicitations for individual task orders may require CMMI or ISO.

Q29.      Will SeaPort-NxG have rolling admissions (“on-ramps”) like the previous SeaPort-e?

A29.      Yes. There will be rolling admissions but the Government has yet to determine exactly when they will be. They will not be as often as SeaPort-e, which was annually. Any rolling admissions will be advertised well in advance to industry.

Q30.      Will there be any cost or price evaluation as part of the source selection for SeaPort-NxG?

A30.      No. In accordance with the DPAP Class Deviation – Evaluation Factors for Certain Multiple-Award Task- or Delivery- Order Contracts dated 13 December 2017, price or cost evaluation is not required for certain DOD multiple award contracts. The Contracting Officer has determined that the Government may exclude price and cost as an evaluation factor for SeaPort-NxG.

Q31.      Will a small business subcontracting plan be required to be submitted with the proposal for SeaPort-NxG for large business offerors?

A31.      Yes, large businesses will be required to submit a small business subcontracting plan in accordance with FAR 19.702 with their proposals for SeaPort-NxG.

Q32.      If a company is a small business at the time they are awarded a SeaPort-NxG MAC, but they become a large business later, will they still be eligible to participate in small business set-aside task order solicitations?

A32.      Yes, but only for the first five years of the MAC. If a company is a small business at the time they are awarded a SeaPort-NxG MAC, but they become a large business within the first five years, they can participate in small business set-aside task order solicitations until they have to re-certify their size status in order to receive the additional five year ordering period option. Upon receiving the option, they would now be a large business and ineligible for small business set-asides.

Q33.      Is SeaPort-NxG anticipated to be a point score proposal (similar to GSA OASIS/Alliant 2) using past performances, contracts and certifications?

A33.      No. See A7.

Please see additional and up-to-date information at FBO.gov before purchasing a waitlist slot.