Balance of full service support

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Balance of full service support

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Total of deposits less discounts for full-service support, SeaPort-NxG response. By purchasing, you accept the following agreement: 

I Purpose

HigherEchelon, Inc. (Client) wishing to submit a response to the SeaPort-NxG Solicitation, and Iona Moon, possessing the expertise to support such a response, do enter into the following agreement.

II Iona Moon Services

Iona Moon will, with the cooperation of one designated Client representative:

1. Provide initial data call to Client

2. Execute teaming strategy

a.      Identify and pre-qualify potential subcontractors

b.      Contact potential subcontractors and secure verbal agreements

c.      Coordinate (as needed) between Client and subcontractors to finalize agreements

d.      Obtain subcontractor data for proposal

3. Develop preliminary solicitation response for Client and up-to two (2) subcontractors

4. Review final RPF and provide final data call to Client

5. Verify all required data in

6. Finalize solicitation response

a.      Provide final draft to Client

b.      Incorporate or clarify edits

c.      Perform final compliance check, format and publish complete response

d.      Provide final proposal to Client for submission 

III Client Responsibilities

Client will:

1. Provide a single-point-of-contact for data responses, reporting and reviews

2. Provide access to business development repositories and technical experts as needed

3. Provide timely responses to Iona Moon data calls and inquiries

4. Accept Iona Moon’s recommendations to achieve “Outstanding” evaluation

5. Provide timely edits to drafts presented for review

6. Pay all invoices and expenses in a timely manner

7. Hold Iona Moon harmless for any errors in Client’s source documentation

IV Cost and Initiation

Additional subcontractors may be added at fixed-rate of $150 each. No additional sub-contractors may be added within 30 days of proposal due date. 

V Terms and Guarantee

This is a level-of-effort agreement. In the case of a no-bid decision by Client at any time prior to submission, no refund will be provided. If Client is not awarded a SeaPort-NxG prime contract for any reason related to proposal compliance, a full refund will be provided. This agreement is governed under Maryland State Law.

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