Your SeaPort-e Proposals should be shipped by now. 

The Navy has announced it will not be adding new primes to THIS VERSION of SeaPort-e. Whatever the follow on looks like, we will be here to help you prepare. If it looks anything like the requirement for the last 10-years, you might want to have the now DEEPLY discounted versions of our flagship product. 


Iona Moon is the knowledge resource for SeaPort-e. We have helped clients win every year since 2005--the same year our Senior Associate, Dr. Jim Hiles onboarded the first new primes for the Navy.

More than 500 firms have used our products and services to win the contract and SeaPort-e task orders over the last ten years. Our expertise is your winning edge. 

The SeaPort-e solicitation is unlike other government--or even Navy--requirement. The instructions can be arcane and confusing to decipher. Most companies struggle with the cost savings approach, cost proposal and unique management approach requirements. You will only use these formats and instructions once. Why spend hundreds of hours mastering a process you will never need again?  

We have already done the time-consuming task of interpreting the requirements, and we refresh that knowledge every year. From ten years of experience, we know how to win. Save time, reduce stress and eliminate uncertainty in your SeaPort-e proposal process with our best-selling ReadyWin™  .

No more indecision, panic, or questions about “what do they really want?”  ReadyWin™  will walk you step-by-step, from data-gathering to submitting your proposal. This one-of-a-kind tool won’t let you fail. You can dedicate your valuable time and effort on your company's value proposition instead of hard-to-understand, peculiar compliance issues.

The 2016 Last Minute Edition is fully-updated to the 2016 Requirement. We will also send any amendments and updates as they are published. This year's product is better than ever. More references, more guidance, and easier-to-follow instructions. 

What you get:

  • 25-page handbook with 
    • detailed step-by-step instructions
    • complete list of all data required
    • our expert win strategy guidance
    • Navy ordering activities by Zone
    • writing guides with RFP references for each volume
    • Cost savings approach exercises
  • Data call package for your Subcontractors, including customizable agreements
  • Formatted, outlined templates for every Volume and document
  • Templates for binders, volume covers--even  your mailing label
  • Reference guides for developing your rates
  • All RFP documents and forms, including all amendments
  • Compliance checklist
  • Evaluation tool – grade your proposal against the evaluations factors
  • New this year: Teaming Gap Worksheet: team smartly! 

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