Questions about Win Strategy

Q. Do I need a large team to win?

A. We recommend you look across the SeaPort-e landscape and identify where your potential customers are located. Structure your team to provide Zone coverage in those geographic locations. You can add team members after award, but you can only add Zones during a rolling admission. Click here for a list of ordering activities by Zone. 

You may also want to team if you don't have capabilities in enough of the 22 functional areas to achieve an “outstanding” evaluation (3 for small businesses, 18-22 for large.) Click here for detailed descriptions of the functional areas. 

Q. Should I try to cover more than the minimum functional areas?

A. You could. But remember, you only have 15 pages for Technical Depth and Breadth, regardless of the number of team members, so we recommend being as detailed as possible within your core competencies.

Q. What the heck is a Cost Savings Approach?

A.  When a task order is designated a "Repetitive High-dollar Value Requirement" your proposed Cost Reduction percentages apply. Your Cost Savings Approach demonstrates to the Government how you would achieve those reductions, and other cost savings elements in your proposal. ReadyWin™  includes exercises and writing guides to walk you through the development of this critical evaluation subfactor of your cost proposal.