SeaPort-e 2013 is underway

The RFP for SeaPort-e Rolling Admissions was issued late yesterday with a surprising requirement for existing primes to re-apply during this round of competition. Companies that won a  SeaPort-e contract in years 2005 though 2008 will have to submit a new proposal by May 30th of this year if they wish to continue as prime contractors after 04 April, 2014. The government does not intend to exercise the next option period for contractors that do not re-apply. The requirements are not as cumbersome as an initial proposal offering, but there is still a lot of paperwork to complete and submit. Industry was expecting the next option-year evaluation in 2014, which usually requires only a one-page self-evaluation form. This abbreviated proposal package will take many firms by surprise and require additional planning and resources to comply with the May 30th deadline.

Iona Moon is continuing our service to firms wishing to submit for the first time and those needing to re-apply to keep their contracts. In addition to updating the best-selling SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit, we will be offering a "SeaPort-e Express" package for existing primes. That solution will be available early next week.

The pre-RFP version of the SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit is available now on our website at The 2013 update is free with that purchase.