Customized SeaPort-e Boot Camp

Iona Moon offers customized training for your team in identifying and capturing SeaPort-e task orders. Exclusively for SeaPort-e primes, this intense training will teach you to:

Expand your reach

  • Identify upcoming SeaPort-e opportunities before they are advertised
  • Recognize and exploit critical competitive intelligence
  • Influence acquisition strategy decisions 
  • Quickly evaluate bid announcements for real opportunities
  • Educate your customers about SeaPort-e
  • Leverage your SeaPort-e contract into new markets
  • Team shrewdly to increase geographic coverage and add capabilities

Laser-focus your bid and proposal process

  • Eliminate Bid/no-bid uncertainty with one tool
  • Visually map your capabilities to requirements
  • Identify and close gaps early
  • Manage compliance consistently and concentrate on your value proposition
  • Model your win potential against the competition
  • Focus highest-cost efforts on highest-probability outcomes

Win more task orders

  • Understand stakeholder agendas and write to hot-button issues
  • Hone your win-themes to dramatically increase “signal-to-noise” ratio
  • Craft a complete, compelling narrative that eliminates objectives
  • Avoid boilerplate text even at crunch time
  • Learn what high-performing Red Teams do better

Plus, choose two custom modules to optimize your training experience:

Your secret weapon

Training for your direct personnel to recognize and capture opportunities to grow organically with your best customers – your existing ones.

What are you missing?

Are you overlooking a key market? This directed brainstorming session with your top talent will discover and show you how to capitalize on hidden capabilities.

Intellectual repository readiness

Understanding reusable content. Determine what you have, what you lack, and how to keep it up-to-date and at-hand. It may not sound exciting, but this one exercise can save you hundreds of hours and put you ahead of the competition when deadlines are  tight. 

Focus your leadership vision

Articulate the long game and reality-check it against your management strategy.

Each session includes a license of the Iona Moon Proposal Framework© used in the training. Custom modules include a capabilities analysis and interviews about your specific objectives prior to the sessions.

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