Ready what our clients say about our services. 

"Lee supported our team developing a proposal with a complex set of sample tasks, demanding personnel requirements and a shortened response time. She was invaluable securing candidates for key positions. She participated in strategy discussions early in the process and then tailored a submission-ready proposal that was among the best we have ever submitted. Her responses are timely and she is 100% engaged on the project. It was a pleasure to work with her." -- DSE, Inc 2017

Congratulations to all the 2016 awardees. Here's a sample of client comments this year. 

"You are Golden! I couldn't have done this proposal without your help! I can not believe I did this proposal in a week! It was a lot of work for one week mind you. Your email responses were incredibly responsive and to the point. That email support itself was worth the money I paid, IMO. You responded to my support requests at 6:30 AM and 10:30 PM – thank you! And thanks to your [teaming matchmaking service], I picked up 2 subs and became a sub on their proposals too – so I got coverage in 2 more zones. That was a benefit I did not expect when I made the purchase. Thanks for everything!" 
"We’re thrilled to share we won our SeaPort-e bid. The Iona Moon package significantly decreased our estimated preparation time and the team could not have been more responsive throughout the process." 

"We decided to bid at the last minute, allowing us only three weeks to develop a team, determine our pricing and submit our proposal.  We could have not submitted a responsive proposal without your templates and your outstanding support!  I was surprised (and thrilled) that you responded immediately to our questions even when they were submitted during late evening hours.  Your expert and timely support enabled us to submit a winning proposal on time." Dawn Cole, President, Kerberos International, Inc.

"The [ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e] product was a big help and alone well worth the money. But what put it over the top was the email support provided after the RFP release. Not only did you thoroughly answer our questions but you did so very, very quickly. All in all on a scale of 1-10 we would give [ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e] and support a very solid "10". And most importantly, we would without hesitation recommend that others who are pursuing a prime SeaPort-e position consider using your [ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e] as well." Jason Capelle, Chimera Enterprises International (CEI)
"We got one! THANK YOU FOR ALL!!!!”
“We got ours!  Thanks for your guidance and help!”

We are pleased Iona Moon is a part of so many success stories. Congratulations again. We look forward to helping many of you achieve your goals with this important contract.

For additional endorsements of Iona Moon, visit our LinkedIn page.

Just a few of our 2015 winners! 

And from previous years:

“[Our company] was notified today that we were awarded a Navy Seaport-e Contract!!! Thank you so much for your assistance. We could not have done it without your company’s help because we started very late in the process and we didn’t get a chance to have telephone calls to you but we were able to use your templates. Thanks again.”
“We have been awarded our first prime contract. Thank you for your help.”
“Software Systems International, Inc. was awarded.  We greatly value the [ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e]  for our ultimate award. Please include our name in your success.”
“You can add [Us] to the rolls of 2010 Seaport-e contract winners.  With the aid of your tool kit, we were able to submit a winning proposal that required only one clarification point on the pricing.  Thank you very much for putting together a winning proposal toolkit.”
“Thank you for all your help and assistance.  [Our company] was on the award list for Seaport-e.  Without your support and templates it won’t have happened.”
“Thanks for everything and you were correct we had nothing to worry about.  I want to also thank you for your excellent RFP support.”
“Hi, Lee.  [Our company] won an award.  We are very happy.  The toolkit and your assistance were extremely valuable in the process.  Thank you!”
“Thank you very much for your outstanding guidance during this process.  I am pleased to announce that [Our company] received a Seaport Prime award.  Your Kit made the process logical and your regular updates kept us right on track.”
“[We] received an award.  Your toolkit was a great help.  Feel free to use me as a reference for future potential customers.”
“We made the cut – and we could not have got this far without Iona Moon.  Now on to winning a contract!”