Questions about ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e

Q. Is ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e a software product?

A. No. ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e is a suite of instructions, templates, writing guides, and workbooks that walk you step-by-step through the process, so you don’t waste time trying to decode the government requirement. We tell you what to put, where, and provide the pre-formatted documents to assure your proposal meets compliance standards. 

Q. Does ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e include boilerplate content?

A. No. The same contracting shop has evaluated all SeaPort-e proposals since 2005. Stock text would be immediately recognized and would likely count against you. The product contains detailed outlines, writing guides and exercises to help you articulate your value proposition to the Navy. 

Q. What is included in ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e?

A. This is a screen shot of the document tree. The Templates folder contains pre-formatted documents for every Volume, in the order they print. We expect the Template will be one document in 2016. That update will be provided free with instructions on how to consolidate. 

Q. How do I use ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e?

A. The files come as a .Zipx file (the latest version of WinZip.) You should be able to open them with any unzip program, but you may need to download the latest version of WinZip. Find a free trial here. 

Q. Why do I need your help?

A. Time and stress. The average time to complete your proposal without ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e is 140-160 hours. With ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e, the average is 40-60 hours. Calculate the pay rate of your primary proposal managers and writers and we think you will see the value of our product. The solicitation is peculiar, even for a Government RFP. There is no need to learn a process you won't repeat. 

Q. What if I need more help?

A. ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e includes unlimited e-mail support through a dedicated support mailbox. During rolling admission, we normally answer emails from clients within about an hour. This support does not include reviews of your documents. Please don’t send us any part of your proposal. 

Q. What if I need even more help?

A. We offer phone support to help with your bid decision, win strategy, or teaming at $250 per hour during rolling admission, and $175 during the off-season. 

Q. Do you provide reviews?

A. We offer reviews on a first-come first-serve basis, with pricing depending on your number of Zones, Functional Areas, and Team Members. However, ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e includes both a Compliance Checklist and an Evaluation tool to grade your proposal against the evaluation factors. You won’t likely need to pay us for a review. 

Q. Does ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e include pricing guidance?

A. There is a sample rate development document for your reference, but we don’t make pricing recommendations. We do include recommended cost savings, escalation, max fee and pass-through percentages based on the evaluation factors for an “outstanding” evaluation. You will need to make the final decision on pricing. 

Q. Do I need any proposal experience to use ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e?

A. No. The product was written to be straightforward for any level user.

Q. Can I use ReadyWin™ for SeaPort-e for task-order proposals or other contract proposals?

A. Some of the narrative you will craft is re-usable, but the product is geared to the very specific requirements of this solicitation, which is unlike any other.

Questions about the SeaPort-e Contract

Q. If I win, will I be able to bid on any task order?

A. Yes, within your Zone(s) and business size. No matter how many functional areas you propose, you are awarded the contract across all functional areas if you win.

Q. Do I need to have a DCAA approved accounting system to win?

A. Not to win the base contract, but to win cost-type task orders. You will likely be scheduled for an audit after you win SeaPort-e. 

Q. Do I need a security clearance or a facilities security clearance?

A. Not to win the base contract, but many task orders have clearance requirements. 

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