Congratulations to 385 new SeaPort-e Primes!

The Navy yesterday added 385 new prime contractors to SeaPort-e, increasing the competitive pool of large and small businesses vying for task orders across 22 functional areas to 2,886.  Iona Moon assisted 45 winning firms with direct support and through our SeaPort-e Proposal Toolkit. The full list of winning firms is available at the Navy's website. Recently, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), the United States Marine Corps’ largest command, announced it would exclusively use SeaPort-e to procure services in place of the in-house Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOss) contract it has used for the past 10 years.

MCSC’s move to SeaPort-e is a testament to the Navy’s commitment to this vehicle. The move is a double-edged sword for firms, however. In addition to bringing flexibility and consistency to USMC acquisition, it introduces a huge new aspect of competition where previously there was very little.  With this year’s awards, SeaPort-e has nearly 3,000 prime contractors. CEOss had only 37.

Iona Moon conducts a “Boot Camp” to train new and existing SeaPort-e contract holders on the process of winning task orders under the contract. This year’s event will be held in Quantico on July 31.

Get more information about SeaPort-e Boot Camp: Quantico here.