Who is your competition on SeaPort-e? How do you know?

This is the second in a series of articles on how to stand out from the crowd and make the most of the SeaPort-e contract, whether your company is a new awardee or a long-time prime that hasn’t used the vehicle to its maximum capacity.

608 SeaPort-e prime contractors were added yesterday, in what the Navy has said will be the last admission of new primes for this version of the contract. Some articles cited over 5,000 primes now on the contract, counting all firms added since 2005, rather than only those that remain.

We did better math and the total is much lower, with over 2,000 contractors off-ramping at some point during the Period of Performance. Companies off-ramp for many reasons, including failing to respond to bi-lateral mods sent by the contracting office, or not completing the self-assessment required of all firms in award term years. 

The real numbers are below. We encourage you to become familiar with the REAL competition in your Zones. We will teach you how to delve further into this analysis at our upcoming seminar: Task Order Success: Winning on the Navy's SeaPort-e and Federal ID/IQs.

Keep in mind, these figures don't add up to the total number of primes, as many firms are in more than one Zone and fall into multiple size statuses. 

Also important to note, this round had the lowest win-rate of any previous rolling admission. Only 89% of submissions won seats on the vehicle. Iona Moon clients were--as usual--overwhelmingly successful. 

This version of SeaPort-e will expire in 2019, but task orders may be awarded until then for up to five years, meaning work will continue into 2024. We hope to see you in July to help you make the most of your contract, whenever it was awarded.